Honor Roll

The district honor roll is based on the grade point average a student earns during each marking period. Three levels of honors are recognized on the basis of grade point average.

Distinguished Honors—Grade point average of 4.00 or above for the marking period.

High Honors—Grade point average of 3.50 to 3.99 for the marking period.

Honors—Grade point average of 3.00 to 3.49 for the marking period.

In order to be eligible to receive honor roll recognition a student must (1) be enrolled in a minimum of five courses (class periods), (2) receive a grade of B- or better in each course taken, and (3) receive a Pass (P) in any courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis.

Any incomplete grades will temporarily render a student ineligible for Honors until the incomplete is made up.


101A English I Honors

120A English II Honors

132A English III Honors

140A English IV AP

200 World History Honors

210 U.S. History I AP

220 U.S. History II AP

253 Government & Politics: US AP

255 World History AP

256 Human Geography AP

257 Psychology AP

300 Biology Honors

309 Biology AP

311 Chemistry Honors

312 Chemistry AP

318 Physics I AP: Algebra-based

319 Physics Honors

321 Physics AP

332 Environmental Science AP

404 French IV Honors

405 French V AP

424 Italian IV Honors

425 Italian V Honors

434 Spanish IV Honors

435 Spanish V AP

437 Spanish VI AP Lit.

509 Music Theory AP

547 Studio Art: 2D Design AP

730 Geometry Honors

740 Alg. II/Trig. Honors

750 Pre-Calculus Honors

759 Calculus AB AP

760 Calculus BC AP

768 Computer Science Principles AP

778 Statistics AP

Honors and Advanced Placement

Honors & Advanced Placement courses are designed to provide students with an academic challenge beyond that which is provided in other courses. Differences from other courses are both quantitative and qualitative; that is, there is a greater amount of work required and the work is more difficult. Assignments and activities are specifically designed to require students to think more critically and at a higher level. Most Honors and Advanced Placement courses require a summer assignment.

Acceptance into an Honors or Advanced Placement class is a full year commitment. Changes out of these classes are not permitted unless there are extenuating circumstances. In no case will a change be made before the end of the first grade reporting period.

Honors and Advanced Placement students must be prepared to accept the academic challenges which go with these courses. Specifically, students applying to these courses will:

  • Have a high level of interest in the subject matter and be motivated to participate and to learn.

  • Have an academic ability strong enough to handle the subject matter at or near the college level.

  • Have the background and academic preparation required to enter the course.

  • Demonstrate the characteristics of maturity, self-discipline, persistence, independence; all of which are required for successful performance in the course.

  • Demonstrate excellent attendance.

  • Have strong writing and reading skills.

Any student selecting more than three Honors/Advanced Placement courses may be taking on too much work. Participating in co-curricular activities, working and volunteering service are essential components of the high school experience.

Students are encouraged to apply for an Honors/Advanced Placement course if they meet the selection requirements and the application deadline. Students should seek out their guidance counselor for an application.