Senior Parking

Parking permits will be issued to seniors based on a lottery in accordance with Board Policy and regulations.  

  • All seniors interested in parking on campus can apply for a parking permit via the Power School Registration Portal.   

  • Seniors who wish to apply for a parking permit during the school year, after the Power School Registration Portal is closed should download this application​​​​​​​ and return it to Mr. Palumbo. 

Student drivers are to adhere to the following regulations:

The student parking lot is located in the back of the school near the varsity football field.

Students are not permitted to park in the faculty parking lot and/or any space designated to faculty on the campus.

Parking in the front circle is not permitted during school hours: 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Each driver will be issued a number sticker for his/her car. The sticker must be permanently adhered to the passenger side rear window of the vehicle.

Any student driver changing a vehicle must report the change to the attendance office within 24 hours of the change.

Students driving on school grounds may not operate their cars in excess of 10 miles per hour, nor in a reckless manner. In addition, all traffic regulations must be followed.

Each car must be parked in one space. Violators may be towed at their own expense and/or ticketed.

Students may not leave the building to go to their vehicles until they are scheduled to leave school.

The Hanover Park Regional High School district is not responsible for loss of property or damage to property in connection with vehicles driven by student drivers.

Any violation of the above mentioned rules and regulations will result in the suspension of driving privileges of the offender.